Frequently Asked Questions

Think of an auto wrap (in the sense we use it) as an alternative to paint. It services a similar purpose as a vinyl material that covers the original paint of a motor vehicle. This can be used to achieve difficult to obtain colors, or if you want to change the look of your vehicle without damaging the resale value from painting it. It also serves as a protective layer to help preserve the underlying paint! 

A properly maintained vinyl wrap on a vehicle often lasts between 5-7 years depending on placement and materials.

Proper vehicle-specific wraps (what we use) will not damage paint if installed correctly. We do not use harmful adhesive promoters or anything that would create any risk to your paint. If professionally removed, OEM paint is not at risk – so long as the paint was in good condition prior to installation! In fact, it is often used as an additional layer of protection from the elements and daily weather.

In short, No. Wraps are not translucent and our vinyl will hide all paint underneath it. The color comes into play when doing a color-change. As deep/hard to access recesses (Think between front fender and front door by the upper trim) will take additional time to wrap. Otherwise your white paint might show, very noticeably, on your new black wrap. This extra time and effort is factored into the final price. 

We can not warranty your wrap in areas with failing clear coat. Your car can still be wrapped, in theory. However, any imperfections you can feel with your bare hand will be magnified under your wrap. This is why we take extra time making sure your entire vehicle surface is 100% free of contaminants prior to installation.  A background in detailing helps tremendously with this process.

We suggest having it sanded down to a smooth, clean finish. Resprayed surfaces can be subject to failure upon removal – whereas OEM paint is not. When removing wrap from areas with peeling or failing paint/clear coat, it is very likely to pull off more paint/clear coat when removed.

Well, if you’re here, then you may have some idea as to what the upsides are! But to reiterate some obvious and some less obvious pros to vinyl wrap…

  • It protects OEM paint for resale
  • Some colors that are difficult or impossible to reproduce with traditional paint are possible with vinyl
  • It is not permanent
  • The cost of a wrap is significantly less than the cost of an equal quality paint job
  • Easy to maintain
  • Turn-around time is much faster than that of paint
  • Scratches and dents do not require a paint-match process to repair. Simply use the same color of wrap used for easy sectional spot-repair. 
  • Matte paint can be brittle and easily damaged. But matte vinyl wrap is much more durable and harder to scratch. 

This answer can vary, for obvious reasons – but typically 2-5 days. We pride ourselves on taking whatever time is needed to complete your wrap with great attention to detail. Quality is our utmost priority. 

At the moment we take cash and card payments, we are working to offer financing options.

We exclusively use 3M 2080 and Avery Dennison.

We want a consistent, long lasting, quality brand. Between the two, there are an immense number of colors and options available. 

We prefer and recommend Avery, as it is much easier to work with, which means a lower total price – and a faster turn around time. But we also understand that 3M makes wrap colors that Avery does not – and both are workable.