vinyl wrap Pricing

We take wrap installation seriously. We guarantee dedicated attention to your vehicle, from beginning to end.

We understand your vehicle is very important to you! That is why we take every precaution to ensure it is taken care of 100%.

Time and effort is poured into every vehicle that comes into our shop, and our prices reflect that. We are not a “churn-and-burn” wrap shop. If it takes us longer to get your wrap to our standards, we will take that extra time to ensure it’s done right.

Cutting edge materials and tools set us up for success. We aim to leave the original paint on your car in as-good or better condition than when delivered. This includes preventing swirls in OEM paint, eliminating risk of razor marks, and removal of all contaminants that may prevent perfect adhesion. Our experience in detailing ensures a top tier handling of your car’s paintjob. 

We take on a very limited number of clients per month.  This allows us to create a premium, unparalleled product. Our ideology is to prevent pressure to “rush to meet deadlines.”  Nothing leaves our shop without vigorous inspection to ensure longevity and a paint-like finish. 

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Compact Cars
Full-Size Cars
Vehicle Examples
Subaru WRX
Nissan 370z
Audi TT
Nissan GTR
Audi A8
Audi Q5
Range Rover
Ford Escape
Toyota Tundra
Ford Raptor
Nissan Frontier
Color Change
Ford Mustang
Audi Q5
Toyota Tundra
Similar Color
$3600 $2880
$4000 $3200
$5000 $4000
$6900 $5520
Contrasting Color
$4000 $3200
$4500 $3600
$5500 $4400
$7500 $6000
Special Film
(Color Flip)
$4400 $3520
$5000 $4000
$6000 $4800
$8200 $6560
Door Jambs
+$900 (No Bed)

As an added value to our customers: All installation prices come with up to 5 hours of removal and installation of necessary body trim, bumpers, emblems, badges, mirrors, door handles, etc.

We are not currently offering (exterior) textured or chrome finishes due to the fragile and time consuming nature of these installations. All vinyl wraps are warrantied as-per the manufacturer standard warranties. All installations completed by Paragon Wraps carry a 36 month limited warranty as well.